This subforum is a hub for threads discussing our past events. Purpose of threads in this forum should be to simply talk about awesome or less awesome moments you've had on a specific mission, sharing stories, pictures or even videos. At the same time Mission Makers get to directly see what players liked and didn't like on a specific mission. If there is something you want to tell a Mission Maker, or SSgt without other's seeing it, you can always send them an PM.

What to post?

  • Share stories, pictures, video clips.
  • Ask questions; why was the other team moving through the forest at that specific time? How did the Mission Maker make that ambush happen?
  • Give suggestions to leaders or mission makers; From our location it seemed this route was safer. If we had more information before going in, we could have fought better. If we had at least one armed humvee, we would survive longer.

Keep in mind nobody is perfect and even most experienced leaders, mission makers and players sometimes make mistakes. Strive to give suggestions how to improve if you think something needs improving. Avoid outright calling out on players and bash on how they performed. In short, keep it civil, we're all friends here and would like to hear you opinion how we can improve in future.