Coop: Bold Move

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Posted Sep 4, 18 · OP
Russians will provide Weapons, Ammo, Equipment, Vehicles, and anything else they can slip by the american lines, including Intel. They will also give our General a prominent position in the government. All this is in exchange for keeping pushing the Americans out of our country. We are to contact them on Freq 98.6 and enter code 7924, to decode the Freq.

In my opinion, we push both the ruskies and americans out. When the ruskies start winning we turn on them and help the americans in exchange for some of their equipment. and then just keep things at a standstill with the war.
Posted Sep 4, 18
Small Bug report!

Was unable to switch to smokes during the game because apparently I had a secret boom boom nade stuck in me.
When I tried to use the advanced throw, with 0 boom boom nades in my bag and unable to switch to smokes (which I had 12 of), it showed me some red symbol in the middle of my screen which I assume is the warning for *YOU DON'T HAVE ANY NADES YOU IDIOT*. :-|
Also at one point I was somehow able to throw a single smoke and immediately after it was like, nope no nades you idiot again.

On image below you can see me switch to smokes but the UI is still stuck on RGN Grenade.
In the video I check my bags for nades, which shows as no boom boom nades, and then me throwing a boom boom nade
Wheres my smokes at!

Also noticed that when loading a unconscious person into a vehicle, it causes them to leave the shacktac group. According to Flo this is a known bug but I still wanna mention it! :d
Posted Sep 4, 18
Discharged (CNTO Alumni)
This mission was very well designed, game master was very good but we (players) were not. We wanted to employ some tactics but it was just a nice try. The mission itself was too hard for us at this moment and I hope we can improve ourselves in the future.

Things I dislike:

1. laughter and banter outside of the main base - seriously, you're just sending the message to everyone that we're here just to mickey around and immersion is lost completely and that is a huge blow for a game that isn't all about shooting. Last time on training a helicopter blew up and I remember many voices laughing like it's Benny Hill show.

2. rushing and running towards death - this is more complex. I feel like leaders are feeling pressured that if we do something slow and by the book (TTP), players will complain. I don't know about any military unit that would try and make the first contact by RUNNING towards the enemy (no, formation doesn't save you there much). Instead of sneaking up on the enemy, we RUN. It breaks several TTP recommendations. Our main movement technique in spite of the likelihood of the enemy contact was traveling which is against TTP (page 170 and 171). We got completely murdered several times for it and that seems to be just a consequence of "let's wrap this quickly" approach. It doesn't work that way and I don't think it ever will.
Posted Sep 5, 18
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My main take away from this mission is that breaking contact is a good tactic in general, but it only works successfully in situations where we actually can get away.

If we are engaged by a 50cal humvee while we are travelling offroad in open-cage, unarmoured vehicles we will have to stand and fight in most situations. Because a single humvee will almost always catch up to a convoy moving offroad and murder us while we are unable to fight back.

On a technical note: I really dislike the open-cage offroad vehicles we use for this campaign. In real life, one can adjust the seat or at least scootch down a bit, but in-game the driver has extremely poor visibility due to a massive metal bar always at nose-height. Nightvision goggles compounded that issue a bit and made it very undesirable to be a driver in these vehicles. We had several minor crashes or near crashes because drivers were simply not able to really see where they are going.

On the plus side we managed to secure an enemy humvee and hopefully it will be available to us in the next mission. Yay! ;-) Also my fireteam during rtb ran out of gas at the end of the mission, but we marked the vehicle on the map and maybe it was recovered by our faction.
Posted Sep 6, 18
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