Operation ICEBOX: The Thorns

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Posted Dec 11, 18 · OP
Objective 1. I thought it went well even though the guy in the window was a pain to kill we still completed the objective and we did escape just in time before more russian solders turned up.

Objective 2. For me personally I enjoyed it but, it could of gone better such as possibly picking targets for everyone to shoot at and makeing sure we know what forces are in the convoy and also making sure at has a separate target in this case one targeting one bt and the other at targeting the other.

Objective 3. At the beginning of the objective it went pretty smoothly as we were clearing the objective of enemy infantry but as soon as the reinforcements came everything more less fell apart as we lost our medics and squad lead however even though it ended up being a 5 man squad not including the injured team members we managed to escape with the injured and have the objective complete.

Objective 4. This last objective did not go to plan as we got lit up as soon as we got onto the beach due to the fact that they can hear us talking to each other in game still I did enjoy it as it was intense as you couldn't see anything around you due to the fog and I got it funny how I was the first to get shoot down on the beach but was the last one to die on it even though I had a grenade go of near me and got shoot at my unconscious body.

Last of all just wanted to say I enjoyed the mission overall and I am looking forward to the next one.
Posted Dec 12, 18
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Very nice mission again :thumb:

The situation at first objective was not realistic from our side. I mean - we go there, in the object, we take position against them and aim guns on them - without any reaction. Who would not react when being in sights. (I liked the story about exercise ! It was good :cool: )
The roleplay could be there, in my imagination - walking pace, at ease, pretending like we are the most peacefull and relax ppl on the island... After taking some "defensive" positions on two sides (or East and Nord...) of the objective, so everybody knows where is the other team or members, we could in second turn the weapons 180 degrees on them. We could play it realistically into details - and it could be serious fun - just it would take more time.

Maybe one thing to remember - the teams should be stationed in some order - like 90 degrees to each other. Lets say one team on 180* degrees or 6 clock or South and other on 90* deg or 3 clock or East. To avoid being shot by friendly during firefight (especially by trigger happy me :shock: again).
FTLs should know where the second team is and the team should stick together at least in buddy team during first phaze of attack. No solo actions to avoid getting shot. And cleaning together at least in buddy team on FTL order only.

Second objective - the ambush - I had feeling like we are very close to the road. The SQL should check if we have enough AT launchers or rockets - standard ACE report - Ammo, Casualities, Equipment. (As AAR I had no place in bag for another rocket for RPG, which I stated and asked for taking other rockets for me or order could be given to give away the AR ammunition for the rockets).
But I think nobody could expect 3x BTR and 2x GAZ. (I blow up the first BTR and after I had no rockets)

The construction site - (very nice EI reinforcement there ! I always enjoy those situations when unexpected happens :thumb: ) Enemy Truck on the road. Personally I just stayed on my sweet spot on horde of soil from where was nice view on the opposite hill side and eliminated what has moved on East (?) from SQL position. Unfortunatelly, overrun happened and 2 members stayed downed there.
AI, not double tapped, woke up, while about 2 meters from Teddy. As I was affraid to fire, to not hit Ted, I just tried to quick call on radio, it happened so quickly I even could not shoot at the end.
I experienced more times, those unconscious AIs, are still dangerous like a timed bomb.
Generally we could not woke up anybody from our injured, as the wounds were very severe or blood loss was big enough to need 3 liters. It s important too, check repeatedly and regullary, every 2-3 minutes, the wounded as injuries are reopening and another patch is needed.

(I have to say, the "aligators" flying above us, really made me affraid it, could be the end :)

Im Fog lover, whenever we have mission with fog Im happy. This one was pretty tough ! Liked that. I was really happy that we will clean something in those conditions but, the beach.. yep. We should have plan before we got there and be quick or at least we could try to peel to our left side, but yeah it was quick.

I shot one enemy seeing his muzzle flashes. Next to me, I heard a nade explosion, so I went check on the casualities couple of meters away from me. (I was not on the explosion place but moved there as WIA expected) Two KIA and one WIA, so I tried to patch Blodos (? I think) but in some moment I very naively started shooting into the fog where I heard voice and Instantly regreted that decision (In that moment I had no idea it will be finished for everybody).

Nice wipeout there, and earned. As it looked we had no plan to move from the beach somewhere and we stayed there too long.

BTW, Jacob did very nice team leading :thumb:

Just generally: we are used to run in Wedge formation if not said differently. Wedge is tha basic formation we use. It s good to stick to it as it s effective when unexpected contacts happens.

Dachi made a very nice formation guide ! Can be good to check it, if feeling lost where to be in formation. AR is on one side and on second side is AAR and behind him AT. When TL says AR on my right side it automatically means the AAR and AT are on the second side. For TL is important to manage it so - from FT members it should be automatical thing in every mission.

The best thing to see where a person is in formation is the ShackTac. It s the easiest way to fall in formation or simply check a TL position from your.

One more thing I need to add:
To loose a SQL is always problem. There alway have to be somebody who will take the role quick and state it. I assume it s PLT sergeant or one of FTLs, and if they die... It should be than, one of the members who leads team after FTL death. FTL-AAR-AR-AT. To stay operative - the SQL is needed, and statement over short range (?) "SQL is KIA, Im taking command", too. (hope Im not wrong with this ! But I had feeling like we always struggle with this and not too many wants overtake)
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