Operation ICEBOX: Lethal Strike

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Posted Dec 14, 18 · OP
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Hello all,

The mission was really fun and well prepped. I love the L85A2 it is a great weapon. Skippy, I would have a counter to any enemy air for us if you implement it even if it is like a AA Battery along our lines etc or even a AI fighter jets QRF.

A few points first for PLT Lead:

  • Great job planning at the beginning of the mission. Only thing I would say in order to speed up insertion is to only plan 1 or 2 objectives ahead, I would suggest 1 as the situation changes after each. "No plan survives first contact".
  • Really nice control of the platoon throughout the only observation I made is to make some of the orders a little more clear.

General points noticed throughout:

  • Start marking contacts especially MBT contacts on the map. Sometimes reports were heard over direct but remember if you have a contact as an element pass it up over the platoon channel so all elements know what is going on and where the threat is.

  • There was a resupply drop that went on over the first objective when there was a fast jet in the air this was a mistake and very poor judgment.

  • Helos should never land and wait for infantry to get to the LZ like on the extraction from the 2nd Objective, the ground forces secure the LZ then call in the helos. Never the other way round. This was extremely dangerous I was surprised Zeus did not punish it.

  • Pilots need to control the disembarkation of troops and if they want to have silence then when in the air the pilot is the ranking soldier and should call clear comms no one then speaks except pilot when he gives info and finally calls dismount.

  • Don't rush the first objective was the perfect pace, slow and methodical but without losing momentum. The 2nd objective felt very rushed if we did not have time for it the main objective should have just become the priority instead of rushing through objective 2.

  • Overall great leadership from Smelik as an FTL and generally all around.

Otherwise, comms from all elements were great and the coordination between elements was very good. Alpha's movement was great when I joined, all I would say to all is know when to run and know when to walk and know when to cover and move quickly. A lot of times we were either all running in at the wrong time or all walking at the wrong time, remember these rules:

If moving from cover into open ground to some other cover then keep half the team in cover in order to OW the movement of the rest of the team. Then they cover and the OW team moves. Fast and secure.

When crossing danger areas in urban environments like crossing from one side of the road to the other, then set up security watching down the road both ways before crossing.

Remember that the basics of CQB are to have cover and clearing teams ie one team cover a building the other clears it then that team covers the next building and the other team moves up to clear this one.

Anyway, I will be running an in-depth CQB training in the new year so look forward to that.

Great missions all, had fun.
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Objective 1 I thought went pretty well considering we only lost one squad member at the start which was mother which was a surprise to me. After mother death we then took each building with out sustaining any more losses as far as I can remember.

Objective 2. This for me was the most fun part on the mission. First of all when we were told to regroup near some trees we got attacked by a russian helicopter and survived somehow, then when we had to clear some buildings at the objective the plan fell apart as all but one of bravo squad survived a grandae and shoots from a lone gunman. Then I say 5-10mins later as we were attacking a nearby field we came under fire again and we lost two members of bravo ,so it just ended up being me and mother left of bravo.

The next part was funny as hell for me as one member from alpha picked up our medic and just thrown him into the river behind him while doing the carry animation. Last of all a russian helicopter decided to attack us while this was happening and stopped in mid air blew up then rolled over a member of MMT nearly killing him.

Final objective was a short one and I like to thank of it as a parshal success namely taking the air strip but, after that all of bravo and most of alpha got team killed by Clark good job on that one
Posted Dec 17, 18
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