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Coop - Ingress Prime

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Posted Jan 26, 19 · OP
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Im surprised with the 843. In the worst case I had 945 without any overclock. I have Guard-pro MB you have Gaming which should be the same or better.

OC genie - actually do not have it on for years, just the XMP is on.

I believe if you switch from the 1600 to 1897 or 2000 it will give you +10% points, if it will work. (+- 1050)

Tried to OC CPU today from 4,4 to 4,7 and got gain only to 1098 from 1059. Not worthy a lot. (cache 4,2) Max 79 degrees, CPU voltage max about 1.255 - adaptive. (1.3 is dangerous - at least what I know - less is better)

"core count" - I believe that it s just the same as hyperthreading and I do not use it. I had no feeling it helped make Arma run better. (It was stated somewhere that Arma can use the cores independently for some terrain angles, ?, ?. The fourth core is not used (?) - but I do not see any difference when I monitor my CPU cores if I have the "core count" on or off.) but this info could be some nonsense too, can not verify it. (The problem probably is that Arma is not able use CPU like CS:GO can - it s the program problem - I never saw any proof/picture/claim using CPU on 100% with Arma).

In Navidia panel - physX - I have instead of auto Geforce gtx 1080.

In windows Is power saving mode - you can choice between power - saving mode, optimized and performance. I have there the performance.

Task manager - details - it s possible to prioritize Arma 3 in tasks. (did not see any difference in FPS)

The Dram - I run 2000hz on 1,5v but used 1,6 too. (About 1 and 1/2 year yet). If it crashes it can be about the voltage or incompatibility.

Generally - If 10 things add 1 FPS it s 10 FPS better at the end, which yet helps over all.

I would check if some program is not really abusing the CPU somehow. Maybe the RAM does the difference.

Not every CPU can make it over 4.4 - it depends how lucky you are with the particular CPU. I crashed at 4.8 - either bc power or the CPU quality but could run 4.8, 4.8, 4,8, 4.4 on fourth core. It would crash if you get there too much, like the 8.0. Heat is the danger. Arma can not use full CPU but CS:GO can and it heats the CPU (300 fps is so as so useless for me) more than any aplication I ever used on this pc (would not go OC on CS:GO).
Posted Jan 31, 19
Delta, if you want, I can show you the ropes of overclocking, since I see a lot of potentially damaging information in the topic. Overclocking isn't to be taken lightly and isn't dangerous, but the way it's approached here is not exactly safe.

Mother, you can limit fps in CSGO to not go above 240(which is what the pros use). Also, if your CPU is heating up on CSGO, something is seriously fucked.
Posted Feb 1, 19 · Last edited Feb 1, 19
Ok, I will look for the FPS limiter in CS:GO, I did not know about that. :thumb:

Yep, it heats up on 76-86 degrees (I have to say it was in summer with 39-44* in the tower case itself - so I letted the case opened, it littlebit helped), which Im not comfortable with (79* is comfort zone for me). (I have now, even with the OC 4.7, with Arma 50-65*max). Im planning to use the OC 4,7 for Arma.

I hope I have "open head" enough, so if something is wrong, just say it. (have the CPU 3-4 years, so no warranty..)
Posted Feb 1, 19
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