Ambush Tactics:

- Near Ambush (50 meters around) (dangerous)
- Far Ambush (in hunderets of meters far) (safe)

- Hasty - prepared on spot (enemy patrol met)
- Deliberate - preprepared (we know enemy patrol route in advance)

- Point ambush (x x x x x x x x) Group is all together
- Area ambush (x x______ _x x x x_ ______ x x) Group is splitted into more groups

Methods of ambush:
- Line Shape Ambush Formation* (*Linear - Parralel)
- T Shape AF* - (*Linear - Perpendicular)
- L Shape AF
- V Shape AF
- Closed Triangle AF* (*Inverted L AF)

Breaking Contact:

- "break contact" order (direction, distance)
-- break to the rear ("break contact" "break to the rear" "direction xyz" "distance xyz")
-- peeling ("break contact" "peeling to the right")

Reaction on Ambush:

Battle Buddy - Buddy Team:

- stick with each other (TL+AT, AR+AAR)
- look for each other (if is buddy down, covered, angles..)
- cover each other
- help prevent bleeding to death
- improves communication, coordination, cooperation, effectiveness in FT
- if is fire team (FT) split into 2 groups (CQB, MOUT, house clearing) buddies stay together
- buddy team system is important especially during combat situations. During FT movement is the importance lowered.

(can be called buddy team 1 (TL+AT) and buddy team 2 (AR+AAR) in case of ambush and need for quick peeling or "break contact to the rear")

(Arma 3 Tactical Guide page 13)